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I don’t post enough Eds so you get a nice big Eds spam post. And Jonny included.


You know what they say a little childhood trauma builds character
- Eddy

Do you mean something like this?


But why does Rolf in Ed Edd ‘n’ Eddy have like the weirdest episodes


OMG! I’m watching Jingle Jingle Jangle (because I wanted to see something I haven’t really seen before/only seen once/don’t remember) and Rolf calls Eddy “half man-half woman Ed-boy”. xD I’m dying!

I’m sorry but this is so cute!!!!!!

I’m sorry but this is so cute!!!!!!

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I want to work on EEnE art but I have so many projects for school. *sobs*

by Rolf-Fan-Girl

I don’t hate ALL anime, but the ones I’ve watches really turned me off to this genre. Granted, I adore Studio Ghibli, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Makato Shinkai, Satoshi Kon, among a few other outstanding Japanese animations. Still, some of my friends recommended me to shows that made me sorta despise this style of animation, so I decided to make a list of annoying anime clichés. If this offends anime fans out there, I do apologize. I guess these little nitpicky things are just not my cup of tea. ^^;

1. Blushing Cheeks

This trope bugs me for some reason because it’s over-used.  
I like when the edges are softer like this:

2. Smiling and talk

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